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S. S. Werra
S. S. Werra
The S.S. Werra was built by John Elder & Co, Glasgow for Norddeutscher Lloyd and was launched on July 4,1882. The iron-hull ship was 433.1 ft in length, 45.9 ft in breadth and had a gross weight of 4,817 tons. She had two funnels, four masts, a single screw and traveled at a speed of 16 knots. The ship could accommodate 125 first-class, 130 second-class and 1,000 third-class passengers. Her maiden voyage from Bremen to Southampton and New York began on October 12, 1882. After her last voyage on this route on November 9, 1891, the Werra was transferred to the Genoa - New York run. Between December 1898 and the summer of 1899 she was chartered to Spain to repatriate Spanish troops from Cuba. On September 24, 1899 she began sailing from Bremen to Southampton, New York, Naples and Genoa. Following her final voyage between Genoa, Naples and New York, which began August 28,1901, she was scrapped.  
  26 Feb 2018
John Charles Riegan
John Charles Riegan
According to "ivymacm" on Ancestry.com: "In uniform. Sister wrote on back of Jerome Ltd. Post Card 'Some don't like the mustache - chiefly the ladies!'" 
  23 Feb 2018


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Nat Gottleib - Obituary from Santa Cruz Sentinel - Friday, 5 May 1989
Nat Gottleib - Obituary from Santa Cruz Sentinel - Friday, 5 May 1989
  26 Feb 2018
Immigration Manifest - Max Konig
Immigration Manifest - Max Konig
  26 Feb 2018


 ID   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Born/Christened   Location   Last Modified 
Mickelsen, Carolyn Ann 
   23 Mar 2018
McLean, Peter 
   26 Feb 2018
   26 Feb 2018
Gottleib, Annita 
   26 Feb 2018
Gottlieb, Moritz 
   26 Feb 2018
Gottlieb, Susan 
   26 Feb 2018
Gottlieb, Richard 
   26 Feb 2018
Gottlieb, Danny 
   26 Feb 2018
Gottlieb, Nat 
b. Abt 1904  Hordenika, Austria  26 Feb 2018
Koenig, Zan 
   26 Feb 2018

 ID   Father ID   Father's Name   Mother ID   Mother's Name   Married   Last Modified 
 I2494  McLean  I2486  Annita Gottleib    26 Feb 2018
 I2493  Mineau  I2484  Lottie Gottleib    26 Feb 2018
 I2492  Getty  I2485  Rose Gottleib    26 Feb 2018
 I2491  Duncan  I2490  Susan Gottlieb    26 Feb 2018
 I2483  Nat Gottlieb        26 Feb 2018
 I2487  Konig        26 Feb 2018
 I2481  Moritz Gottlieb  I2480  Zan Koenig    26 Feb 2018